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We Enable Scalable, Fast and Cost-Effective Datacenters

The MangoBoost Data Processing Unit (DPU) enables faster and more scalable datacenters. Our DPU significantly improves application performance and reduces the CPU and server costs for infrastructure processing. We provide fully programmable solutions and cover many market-critical services.

Seamless DPU Deployment with Our SDK

The MangoBoost Software Development Kit (SDK) maximizes the potential of the MangoBoost DPU. With such SDK, developers can easily and quickly offload and accelerate datacenter workloads using the DPU. The MangoBoost SDK provides user-friendly APIs, libraries, and industry-standard runtime environment.

We Accelerate Key Datacenter Workloads

Modern datacenters are increasingly transitioning towards virtualization and distributed models, designed to support a variety of workloads such as big data, AI, and cloud applications. Mangoboost DPU provides comprehensive support for the complex requirements and services of today's evolving datacenter landscape.



Vhost-NVMe Acceleration

VirtIO Acceleration

vDPA Support


Data Duplication

In-Line Compression

Thin Provisioning



Large-Scale DNN Training

Device Orchestration

Pre/Post-Processing Acceleration

MPI Acceleration


NVMe over RDMA

NVMe over TCP

GPU over Fabric


Root of Trust

Crypto Acceleration

Network Security


SDN Acceleration

P4 Support

Full TCP Acceleration

RDMA (RoCE v2)

We Provide Customer-Optimized DPUs

 With the innovative composable DPU structure, we rapidly modify the design to customers’ service requests. 

By arranging the necessary functions, we produce best-fit products with optimized performance and costs for various needs.

Full-Stack Service Demo Using Optimized DPUs

Efficient neural network computation is crucial for AI applications. Specialized hardware such as GPUs with NVLink support high-performance computation. However, the performance bottleneck has shifted to other system overhead, known as the “AI tax,” including tasks like data processing and network protocols. Traditional CPU-centric servers struggle with the AI tax, compromising performance and scalability. 

The MangoBoost DPU offloads AI tax operations for optimal computation. Our demonstration with NVIDIA Triton inference server shows that the MangoBoost DPU delivers scalable AI Serving Systems.

The disaggregated storage server is a trending storage system architecture, which effectively resolves the severe underutilization of storage devices in conventional architectures. However, disaggregated storage comes with a “storage tax” in the form of high CPU overhead for managing storage stacks and fast network transfers.

The MangoBoost DPU efficiently resolves this challenge by offloading heavy storage tax operations to the DPU, including RoCEv2-based RDMA, NVMe-oF initiator & target offloading. Our evaluation with the SPECStorage benchmark demonstrates the MangoBoost DPU is a perfect fit for disaggregated storage solutions.

VMs and container-based services are popular, and efficient packet processing is essential for handling their high network traffic. Datacenters manage traffic with network functions such as NAT while trying to reach line-rate performance. However, running such functions on CPUs incurs an unaffordably large overhead. 

The MangoBoost DPU resolves this issue with flexible and fast packet processing offload. Users can freely configure hardware with P4 or offload OVS and VXLan, and run network functions at high throughput and low latency.

Executive Team

We bring together an outstanding team with vast industrial and academic experience


Jangwoo Kim 


Professor @ SNU

Former Architect @ Sun Micro/Oracle


Eriko Nurvitadhi 


Former Pr. Engineer @ Intel


Dongup Kwon


Former Researcher @ SNU


Junki Park


Former Manager @ Samsung Ventures

Advisory Team

Our advisory team includes world-class experts 

James Hoe

Professor @ CMU

Lead PI @ Intel/VMware Crossroads 3D-FPGA Research Center

Vaughn Betz

Professor @ UToronto

Former Senior Director @ Altera

Rob Rutenbar

Senior Vice 

Chancellor @ UPitt

Founder & Former Chief Scientist @ Voci Technologies

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Please feel free to contact us 

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